40 Cal. Large Encoder


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Large Standard size 40 CAL encoders fit all “D” style posts. Also will fit on the PT01 Scratch.



Made in the U.S.A

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Other, Akai APC 20, Akai APC 40, Akai LPD8 XL-FIL ONLY, A&H XONE 42-90°, A&H XONE 62-90°, A&H XONE 92-90°, A&H XONE DB2-90°, A&H XONE DB4-90°, A&H XONE K2-90°, DDM4000-270°, Denon-X1800, Denon DNX1600-90°, Denon DN-X1800, Denon MCX7000-90°, Denon MCX8000-90°, DJ-TECH-1S-270°, DJ-TECH-1M-270°, DJ-TECH-TRX-270°, DJ-TECH-4S-270°, DJ-TECH-CTRL, Hercules RMX, NI Machine, NI Machine MK2, Traktor F1, Traktor S2, Traktor S2 Mk3-90°, Traktor S4, Traktor S8, Traktor X1, Traktor X1 MK2, Traktor Z1, Traktor Z2, Mixars DUO-No Filter, Numark 4Trak, Numark MIXDECK, Numark MIX PRO, Numark NS7, Numark NS6, Numark PT01 (SM), Pioneer REV 1, Pioneer REV 7-90°, Pioneer DDJ SB, Pioneer DDJ SR, Pioneer DDJ SX, Pioneer DDJ SX-2, Pioneer DDJ SZ-90°, Pioneer DDJ 400, Pioneer WEGO, Pioneer "S" 9-90°, Pioneer 2000 Nex.-90°, Pioneer DJM 400-0°, Pioneer DJM 500-0°, Pioneer DJM 600-0°, Pioneer DJM 700-90°, Pioneer DJM 750-90°, Pioneer DJM 800-90°, Pioneer DJM 850-90°, Pioneer 900 NSX-90°, Pioneer 900 SRT-90°, Pioneer DJM 909-90°, Pioneer 1000 SRT, Pioneer 1000 SRT FILTER-90°, Pioneer XDJ R1-90° NS, Rane One, Rane 56, Rane TTM 57SL, Rane 57MKII, Rane 61, Rane 62, Rane 64, Rane 68, Rane 70, Rane 72, Rane Empath, Reloop MIX 4, Roland 808, Vestax PCM 05 PRO, Vestax PCM 07 PRO, Vestax VCI 100, Vestax VCI 300, Vestax VCI 380, Vestax VCI 400