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  1. Send me a link that I can send u a photo

    1. Hi Danny,

      Here is the link to our FB Page you can send the photo there.

  2. I finally got my caps! Looks great with my 12 inch skinz!

  3. Any photos showing examples of the gold and silver coolercaps? I interested and seeing them on a Vestax 07 or something with a gold faceplate. Thanks!

    1. Check our Insta Gram page, WE have lots of examples of all our products on customers gear!

  4. Got my Coolorcaps about an hour ago and immediately put them on….These look and feel way better than the other guys! Don’t sleep on these they are worth the money!!!

  5. My Web site will be up next week showing your product. http://WWW.DjSpoon.Net

  6. Yo! Given that in traktor spectrum mode, bass is red, Mid is green high is blue I thought I might do my faders out in these colours. Surely I’m not the first person to come up with that idea! Got any photos of that combo so I can check it’s not lame looking before I buy? Thanks

  7. *oops, I meant eq knobs not faders

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